4. Global Strategic Sourcing

Monczka, R.M., Handfield, R.B., Giunipero, L.C., and Patterson, J.L. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 5e

Course Description
An advanced supply chain management course that emphasizes global purchasing and procurement activities of an organization. The course covers a wide range of concepts, including interfunctional and interfirm collaboration and integration, supply base management, strategic sourcing matrix, supply chain design, among others.

A major component of the course involves students working in teams for external clients as consultants. Each semester-long project asks students to utilize their past and current coursework to create value for local businesses, some of whom are Fortune 500 companies, by searching for solutions to their current challenges. Students are expected to proactively correspond with liaisons from these clients to both conduct research and provide update. At the end of the semester, student teams are expected to present to these external clients the results of their project.

On occasions, multiple teams will work for the same client on the same project. The multi-perspective approach cultivates a learning community among teams, thereby allowing them to experience co-opetition.

Course Tools
Microsoft Excel and Data Analysis package; Windows Media Player (for tutorial videos)

Sample Syllabus

Sample Quiz


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