2. Teaching

My teaching philosophy follows the LARA principle, which stands for:

Logical – I believe logic best guides students to understand core knowledge.
Applicable – Knowledge taught to students should have real-world value.
Relatable – Personal examples provide profound reinforcement to principles.
Accessible – Open door policy allows me to connect and mentor students.

But beyond textbook knowledge, I strive to provide illustrations of knowledge through current events, and to promote both business and work ethics through student engagement.  It is my firm belief that students who exit my class should be able to demonstrate both applied and academic knowledge to potential employers in the subject area.  Equally as important, I hope to instill senses of personal responsibility and business ethics to help to shape the students’ professional career by promoting the importance of “doing the right thing”, with their moral compass as their guide.

My teaching style is approximately 60% to 70% lecture, with the remaining time dedicated to discussions and Q&A.  I strive to create a casual and comfortable classroom environment to minimize intimidation factor and to facilitate classroom discussion.  While I do maintain strict and high standards with regard to the quality of student work, I also treat all my students fairly and justly.

Teaching interest:

  • Business statistics and data analysis
  • Retail operations and inventory management
  • Transportation and logistics management
  • International business

Teaching experience:

  • Data Analysis (Fall, 2010; Spring, 2011; Summer I, 2012)
  • Principles of Transportation (Fall, 2011; Spring/Fall, 2012)
  • Production & Deliver of Goods and Services (Spring, 2013)
  • Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management (Fall, 2013; Spring/Fall, 2014)
  • Global Strategic Sourcing (Spring/Fall, 2015)

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Data Analysis (Business Statistics)

Principles of Transportation

Production & Delivery of Goods and Services

Global Strategic Sourcing