Research Streams

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Stream 1 – Retail supply chain performance

My current research stream is primarily concentrated on the technical performance measures in a multi-echelon retail supply chain, which is the primary topic of my dissertation.  These studies utilize a combination of panel data, time series forecasting and modeling, and econometrics, to test hypotheses based on tenets of the bullwhip effect, demand information sharing, and category demand.

Stream 2 – Retail supply chain relations
A second stream of research comes from the retailer-supplier relations.  The first paper, which is currently forthcoming at the Journal of Retailing, uses secondary data and the collaborative perspective of resource dependence theory to explore and challenge the current prevalent view that retailers tend to benefit at the expense of dependent suppliers.  We find that under certain circumstances, the supplier-retailer relationship is symbiotic and results in mutual benefits.  The second paper, forthcoming at the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, is a replication and extension of the influential Fawcett and Magnan (2002) article which finds that supply chain integration is more rhetoric than reality.

Stream 3 – Retail supply chain labor ethics
The third stream of research came as a result of a self-started summer project.  Though other social performance indices such as KLD includes both employee relations and human rights dimensions, none accounts for ethical labor systems in the supply chain but instead rely on specific actions such as “engage in business with Burma/Myanmar”.  Through content analysis, an ethical labor index is created based on Emmelhainz and Adams’s (1999) identified industry responses among apparel manufacturers – most of whom are either direct suppliers to retailers or own retail fronts themselves, to consumer and regulatory backlashes against sweatshop labor.  This project had resulted in numerous conference presentations, with journal submissions currently underway.  In addition, this stream of research is currently done in collaboration with faculty and students from the Department of Marketing here at Walton College.