1. Research

I first discovered my interest in research as an undergraduate finance student at Centenary College of Louisiana.  Under the guidance of my professors, I successfully completed and presented two papers at the Southwestern Finance Association meetings.  Along with my professional work experience in retail management and my MBA studies here at the Walton College, my research interests shifted to supply chain management.  As Professor John Ozment and I had often discussed, everyday I feel like a kid in a candy store: there is so much to do and to discover.

Currently, my primary research interests are as follows:

  1. Inventory management and forecasting
  2. Retail supply chain
  3. Retailer-supplier relations
  4. Labor ethics in the supply chain
  5. Transportation management

As for methodology, I believe firmly in a multi-method approach to better triangulate the true relationship among constructs and variables.  However, I am primarily comfortable with the following, with hopes of expanding my skill set throughout my academic career.

  1. Panel data econometrics
  2. Time series econometrics
  3. Survey data analysis – including EFA and CFA
  4. Mediated moderation/Moderated mediation via OLS


Publications and Presentations

Research Streams