Short Biography

I am currently the Neil R. Anderson Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Miami University.

I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Finance from Centenary College of Louisiana with a minor in Psychology, and Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Arkansas.  My professional experience is primarily in retail operations management.

To date, I have published papers in journals such as the Journal of Retailing, Journal of Business Logistics, and International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management.  I have also had numerous papers accepted for presentation at national academic conferences on topics ranging from transportation management to supply chain relations.

My foray in to academic research begun during my undergraduate studies.  My affinity for research was discovered and encouraged by Dr. Helen Sikes and Dr. Barbara Davis at Centenary College of Louisiana.  Under their guidance, I successfully completed three research papers that were accepted for presentation at Federation of Business Disciplines conference with the Southwestern Finance Association, presenting two of them.  One paper is on executive compensation among Fortune 500 companies, while the other was a comparison of the Chinese and American business tax codes.

During my studies at the University of Arkansas, I became more engaged with the retail supply chain through a study abroad experience with Professor Matthew Waller.  I became more excited about the research opportunities present in logistics and supply chain management.  After some in depth discussions with Dr. Waller, my extant experiences with academic research combined with my professional experience in retail operations management made entering the doctoral program in supply chain management the logical next step.

Today, I remain excited every morning of furthering my education and understanding of various topics in supply chain management.  In addition, educating the next generation of potential business leaders of America is also something I truly enjoy.

Yao “Henry” Jin, Ph.D.
Neil R. Anderson Assistant Professor
Department of Management
Richard T. Farmer School of Business
Miami University


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